All the resolutions approved by the Board of Directors were adopted

Paris (France), June 6, 2023 – 6:30 pm CEST – Onxeo S.A. (Euronext Growth Paris: ALONX), (“Onxeo” or “the Company”), a clinical-stage biotechnology company specializing in the development of innovative drugs targeting tumor DNA Damage Response (DDR) and driver oncogenes, announced that the Annual General Meeting held today at 2pm CEST was able to validly deliberate with a quorum of 44.12% , with 30 shareholders representing 49,072,091 voting rights.

The Annual General Meeting followed the voting recommendations of the Board of Directors for all resolutions, approving the 2022 financial statements and the renewal of the terms of Robert Coleman, independent director, and Nicolas Trebouta, permanent representative of the historical shareholder Financière de la Montagne.

The Annual General Meeting also approved the change of company name to Valerio Therapeutics. This name change is accompanied by a new identity, to be presented in the coming weeks, designed to better represent Valerio Therapeutics’ ability to rapidly advance breakthrough therapeutic candidates through Phase 2 development, and to collaborate with partners for further development and commercialization. The ISIN code will remain unchanged.

Shefali Agarwal, President and Chief Executive Officer, stated: “I would like to thank all our shareholders for their participation and support at this Annual General Meeting, which marks a real milestone for our Company. We are proud to present our new company name today, conveying values of strength, health, resilience, vitality and robustness. In addition, the Valerio name has a timeless, traditional essence that matches the company’s positioning as a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on developing innovative therapies using cutting-edge technology platforms to revolutionize cancer treatment and improve patient outcomes. Valerio also represents a sense of legacy and endurance, thus becoming part of Onxeo’s history and writing a new page over the long term.”

The consolidated result of the vote by resolution and the minutes of the General Meeting will be available within the legal deadlines on the Company’s website, in the General Meetings section.