Wael Jdey, PhD

of Preclinical

Prior to joining Valerio Therapeutics, Wael Jdey was a junior scientist at Gustave Roussy Cancer Center (Villejuif, France) and then with the Research Team “DNA repair, Radiations and Innovative cancer therapies” at the Institut Curie Research Center (Orsay, France). Wael is best known for major experimental and conceptual contributions to the development of a new class of anti-cancer treatments, the DNA Decoy Therapeutics. In particular, he provided profound insights into the links between DNA repair exhaustion in cancer cells and the abrogation of acquired resistance to several targeted therapies, including PARP inhibitors. Based un this original mechanism of action, Wael was a founding member of the plaTONTM platform, Valerio Therapeutics’ proprietary DNA Decoy Technology Platform.

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